Who we are

Ancha Spacer has founded by a young entrepreneur in 2016 December. At the foundation, mainly the team aimed to participate in international competitions. Ancha Space aims to show that individual engineers and students can contribute the space technology voluntarily.

Currently, Ancha Space has the vision to create a better future which allows the individuals and teams to create their space projects.



In today, Ancha has a dream of creating a volunteer-team-based space mission to Mars with Ancha Rocket, Ancha Rover, and Ancha Satellite. Ancha has participated and succeeded in several competitions that's supported various institutions such as the European Space Agency, Airbus.

After successfully launched and finished the project, Ancha aims to launch a guidebook to the public in order to allow the other space generation projects.

Ancha Space Mentors

Dr. Umut Yildiz

Astrophysicist at NASA

Kevin J DeBruin

Ex-NASA JPL Rocket Scientist


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