Ancha Space Technologies

AST is an interdisciplinary organization that hosts volunteer high school/university students from different cities in Turkey. Our aim is to develop innovative space technologies and, most notably, a Mars Rover(unmanned robotic planetary exploration vehicle), and to send our Rover to Mars with the lowest cost. Having a voice in the future Mars Colony on behalf of our sponsors and Ancha Space Technologies is our fundamental mission. Currently, we are preparing four different international competitions as the world’s youngest team, which are organized by the Mars Society. Moreover, we have been selected as a participant to the world’s one of the biggest robotics and space competitions, European Rover Challenge. (ERC_qualified_teams)


The mission of our team is to contribute to the creation and development of new technologies to enable our world to open up to other planets through R & D activities in space technology.


Our vision as the Ancha Space Team is to compete in space technology with the world’s best brands without disturbing our discipline and the realization of our projects which are of great importance for the technological development of our country in the coming period.