What is Mars Rover?

Rover; It is an unmanned planet exploration tool. Marsta is a rover designed by NASA, and Curiosity Mars Rover, who is exploring for humanity. Some of the advantages of these vehicles with their fixed systems are that they can make up the desired reference and make many researchers, and planetary discoveries have great benefits in scientific research.



What is Rover Challenge?

It is a competition held every year by Mars Society (Mars International), where Mars rovers from all over the world are raced with specific missions. These competitions appeal to different age and different age ranges at certain times during the year, four times



We will be competing in 2018:

EUROPEAN ROVER CHALLENGE: The world’s one of the biggest robotics and space competitions

UNIVERSITY ROVER CHALLENGE: It is the biggest rover competition in the world.

INDIAN ROVER CHALLENGE: Asian biggest rover competition which happened in India.

CANADIAN INTERNATIONAL ROVER CHALLENGE: A rover competition which happened in Canada.



Mars Rover challenge mission tasks:

  •  Scientific Task: To get a soil sample about 10 cm below the soil and to test it. This section is aimed at detecting biological life by detecting the presence of water or any mineral.
  •  Extreme Retrieval and Delivery Task: Take an object from the starting point and take it to another location, or take an object from another area and bring it back to the starting point.
  •  Autonomous Traversal Task: It is expected that the rover will go completely autonomously in an obstructed land.
  •  Equipment Servicing Task: In this section, you must perform complex tasks such as opening the fuel canister using a robotic arm or turning the screwdriver or pressing a button